Outrageous! Woman says that taxi driver robbed her and wanted to abuse her | THE UNIVERSAL

A woman reported having been the victim of an alleged robbery by a taxi driver after getting into the vehicle after requesting a ride from the Historic Center of Cartagena. Read here: Pastor would have sexually abused a woman to eliminate evil spirit

What the young woman relates is that she, along with several friends, decided to go to a well-known taxi station to be safer. She maintains that for security reasons, before starting, her friends took photos of both the driver and the vehicle’s license plate. “Notify and call as soon as you arrive”, were the words that her friends told her once she got into the car.

In the complaint, she adds that when they were going through the Castillo de San Felipe, on Pedro de Heredia, the driver slowed down and intimidated her with a knife to take her money and her cell phone. She explained that she is not a lover of walking around with cash, that’s why she couldn’t give her anything; Faced with this difficult situation, she also felt that the subject wanted to abuse her, however, by not being able to take the money, he stole her cell phone and told her: “Get off quietly or I’ll kill you here”, and then opened the door and threw her away. on the way

He indicated that he ran through the gas station that is in the Pie del Cerro and there he received help from people who passed by the place and later he was able to reach his residence in the midst of a state of shock.

On this case, the Metropolitan Police of Cartagena has not made an official statement. It is expected that with the photos of the car and the subject, the complaint will be made in order to find the capture of this person.