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Staff of the Rubén Leñero Hospital, located in the Miguel Hidalgo city hall, attended a person with breathing problems and probable symptoms of covid-19 abroad, however, he died in the vicinity of the place.

“They came to ask for help, it seems that the person could not breathe and was already weak, before they came to attend to him he no longer had vital signs. She had a picture of asthma for 10 years, which was treated with medication, she felt bad, until now the causes are unknown, “said a witness.

After being diagnosed without vital signs, the person was covered with plastic so elements from the Ministry of Citizen Security (SSC) guard Salvador Díaz Mirón street in the Un Hogar Para Nosotros neighborhood, awaiting expert services.

Just on June 11, the mayor of Miguel Hidalgo, Víctor Hugo Romo, ia Respiratory TRIAGE Center was opened in this hospital, in order to identify patients with signs and symptoms of covid-19.

Mexico City is the entity that tops the list of accumulated cases, assets and deaths from covid-19.

The case of this man is not the first to occur in the capital, on June 8, an elderly woman died within meters of entering the General Hospital of Mexico, whose photographs of her relative trying to revive her went viral.



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