Outside the World Cup|Japan narrowly beats Australia to qualify and hopes Moriho is a handsome man, the pressure is slightly slower (20:45)-20211012-Sports-News

The Japanese team played 1 win, 2 losses and only scored 1 goal in Group B outside the World Cup in Asia. They were thrown away by 6 points by the Australian and Saudi Arabian teams, who had won all three games. They returned to the Saitama 2002 Stadium tonight where there were spectators again. Facing the Australian team, which broke the record for 11 consecutive victories outside of the single World Cup before the game, the “Blue Samurai” was selected in this life-and-death battle, but only lost to Saudi Arabia. There were three changes. Kamada and Asano were taken away. Takuma and Ms. Shibasaki, who lost the ball due to an error in the return pass of the previous game, were replaced by Junya Ito, who had been suspended from the game, and joined the two Kawasaki forwards, former midfielder Hidema Morita and Aki Tanaka. Shanghai Harbour midfielder Allen Moore led the lead.

Coach Moriho has been criticized recently and was asked to step down by a large number of Japanese netizens. It has been rumored before the game that he will be fired if he loses points again in this game. He was filmed to tears when he played the national anthem before the game. The Japanese team rushed to start the game and opened the record in 8 minutes. Liverpool star Takumi Minano made a pass from the left, and the Australian team made a mistake in the left gate Bei Xuanzhi made a siege error. After taking control on the right, he shot the fingers of the head of the army goalkeeper Mafi Ryan.

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The Australian team almost equalized in 40 minutes. The center Adam Tegart, who was out of work for the Japanese team Osaka Sakura, kicked off after hitting the wall with his teammates, but the center post popped out. The Japanese team led 1-0 in the first half, and their performance also showed the determination of the Jedi to counterattack. The offensive was superior and repeatedly used both sides to attack. Ito also frequently made breakthroughs and crosses from the right. A group of forwards will also actively press for the frontcourt. The Australian team grabbed the ball in the backcourt.

However, in the 65th minute of the second half, the midfielder Morita Hidesaka was convicted of a foul for a tackle. The ball card was once sentenced to 12 yards. The Video Referee (VAR) changed the penalty for a free throw from outside the penalty area. Shot the dead corner and broke the net to equalize 1:1. Later, “Blue Samurai” had many chances to score goals, but both Ito Junya’s close-up shot and Asano Takuma’s back-up attack were all blocked by Mafi Ryan bravely.

In the 85th minute, Asano Takuma broke through offside and kicked off. Maffei Ryan only jumped to the COSCO post and hit Bei Xuanzhi into the net. The Japanese team finally won the Australian team 2:1 with this own goal, and 4 games after the match. 6 points, keeping the first two chances to directly advance to the World Cup finals at the end of next year, there are 6 rounds left in the competition;

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