«Over 100 abnormal pneumonia since the end of the year»

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Alzano cases ignored in December: «Already at the end of 2019 over 100 cases»

Between November and January, when the Covid-19 it was an exotic threat confined to Hubei, in the hospital of They raise Lombardo 110 patients with pneumonia with “unspecified agent” were hospitalized. Was it the first virus attack, unrecognized and underestimated? Or just abnormal pneumonia, as happens every year? Certainly the surge in infections is impressive: in 2018 there were 196 cases in all, the year after 256, 30% more. The data, supplied by Ats Bergamo and by Asst Bergamo Est, have flowed into the file of the prosecutor’s office which investigates the culpable epidemic on the failure to close the hospital in Alzano and on the red area never decreed in the lower Val Seriana area.

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From the reports signed by the regional councilor Massimo Gallera, by the general director of Ats Bergamo Massimo Giupponi and by the director of the hospital of Alzano Francesco Locati it is not clear if those numbers, which could have triggered the pandemic alarm, were communicated to the Region already in November. Covid officially enters Bergamo on Sunday 23 February, certified by the positive swabs of the first two patients, but admissions intensified with code 486 in the previous months: medical term to describe a “pneumonia with unspecified agent ». The growth is clear: 18 patients in November, 40 in December, another 52 in January. One hundred and ten between November and 23 February, the day when the entry “Sars pneumonia – associated coronavirus” was added to the folders. Giupponi’s report reads that «from 1 December to 23 February at the” Pesenti Fenaroli “in Alzano Lombardo 145 people were discharged with diagnoses included among the different codes used in the classification of pneumonia diseases. The simple analysis of the “hospital discharge form” does not allow us to ascribe this diagnosis to cases of infection not recognized by Sars Cov-2 ». And now the ATS specifies that “there is no statistical evidence” that suggests “an early presence of hospitalizations for pneumonia” from Covid in the province of Bergamo in “December 2019 and in January and February 2020: the trend is consistent with the past” . Magistrates want to understand if it really is, if those infections were not underestimated signs of the epidemic. And they also go one step further: Covid-19 cases are diagnosed only by means of a swab and two ministerial circulars indicate the protocols to be followed in hospitals. The first draft of 22 January included checks in the event of a suspected clinical course, from 27 January this criterion disappears and the directives of the Ministry of Health impose the test only for those arriving from China or who have been in contact with the Chinese. «Serological studies and a posteriori reading of medical records confirm the presence of the virus on the territory for several months. Doctors have done their homework. The protocols were wrong », says the president of Lombardy Attilio Fontana. Which admits to being aware of the early presence of the virus, but attacks government protocols.

If the swab and the Bergamo area had been carried out on all suspect patients from 22 January onwards, this is the hypothesis of the prosecutors, perhaps now 6,000 would not be mourned. This is the crucial moment of the pandemic and according to Professor Massimo Galli, director of the infectious diseases department at Sacco in Milan, that explosion of pneumonia at the beginning of winter must be taken with the springs. “The Chinese virus arrives in Italy from Germany between 18 and 19 January, the outbreak was recognized on 22-23 January – he explains – We, on the basis of more than 100 sequences, have reconfirmed that Covid probably enters our country around January 26th. If it had appeared in November, for the violent characteristics it has, it would have caused a disaster already in December ».

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