A family in Connecticut whose mother died a few days after the birth of her son receives money. Lindsay Crosby, who gave birth to her third child Nolan on June 24, was taken by ambulance to Hartford Hospital on July 2.

At Crosby, group A streptococcus and sepsis were diagnosed and placed in the intensive care unit of the hospital. She died on July 4, leaving her husband Evan, daughters Finlay, 5, and Sigrid, 3, and newborn son Nolan.

Group A streptococci are a bacterium that can cause many different infections that can lead to sepsis. An estimated third of patients who develop sepsis die with those who often retire with mental distress or chronic health problems, according to Sepsis.org. Streptococci can cause sepsis, sore throat, impetigo, pneumonia, necrotizing fasciitis, otitis media, sinusitis, cellulitis, and toxic shock syndrome.

Two GoFundMe sites, created on behalf of Crosby's family, raised over $ 300,000 in the days following their death.

"We sincerely thank everyone who has been looking after our family since the death of Lindsay on July 4th," 14News.com said. "It has meant a lot to us, the friendly messages were very reassuring and the generous, unexpected financial gifts will be very helpful to unforeseen expenses for Lindsay's husband, Evan, and their three young children following their sudden death , to manage something. "

Crosby, a graduate of Springfield College in 2008, was Associate Director for Admission and Girl Lacrosse Coach at Westminster School in Simsbury.

"Lindsay & # 39; s warm smile and valuable contributions to all aspects of school life are sorely missed," a Westminster School spokesman told 14News.com. "We are doing our best to deal with this terrible tragedy and to have the Crosby family in our prayers and thoughts while respecting their privacy."


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