Over a hundred bookstores are trying to deconfinate books

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Click and collect“,”pickup“,”drive“: What is happening is so new that we have not yet found a word in French to say it. In any case, the bookstores – closed since March 16 and today in the red like many other local shops – have been opening their doors for a few days to allow you to come and collect your loot from good books.

Please note, orders must most often be placed prior to your visit (generally via their website or by email) and the opening days and hours are reduced. Check directly with bookstores for more information.

We have identified a hundred, in some 52 cities in France. Take it by storm (not to mention barrier gestures) if you are within the perimeter. Especially since there is not yet a queue like in front of the McDonalds.

Our list is of course not exhaustive. The “I support my bookstore” site (www.jesoutiensmalibrairie.com) is another very comprehensive and extensive resource on this subject.

???? Paris:

IIe : Little Egypt Bookstore
IVe : Michèle Ignazi Bookstore
Ve : The Letters Counter
VIIe : Fontaine bookshop (and 8th, 16th, 17th)
IXe : The Surveyors | Bubbles in mind
Xe : The Canal Bookstore | Northeast
XIe : La Friche | Impromptu Bookstore | Librairie les Parages | Librairie la Maneuver | Utopia | The Musardine | New Arrivals Bookstore | The Wind Watchers | Violette & Co
XIIe : Atout Livre | Magnetic fields
XIVe : Odessa Bookstore
XVIIe : Bubbles in mind
XVIIIe : Librairie des Abbesses | The Regular | the eternal return
XXe : Le Monte-en-l’air | The Mockingbird | Crew Bookstore | The Word Counter | The Workshop | Urban Gender | Almora

???? Agen:

Martin Delbert

???? Aigues-Mortes:


???? Amiens:

Labyrinth Bookstore

???? Angers:

Contact Bookstore – Myriagone – Richer

???? Angoulême:


???? Apt:

Fontaine Bookstore

???? Arles:

Large Width Bookstore

???? Asnières-sur-Seine:

New Asnières Bookstore

???? Autun:

The Promises of Dawn

???? Auxerre:

Oblique Bookstore

???? Beaune:


???? Bergerac:

The Hill of Books

???? Besançon:

Nothing Mine Bookstore | The Empedocles Sandals

???? Blois:


???? Bordeaux:

The Librairie des Chartrons

???? Boulogne Billancourt:

Words and things

???? Cachan:

Chronicles library

???? Caen:

Culture draft | Full sky | Eureka Street Bookstore – Point Virgule

???? Cagnes-sur-mer:

The pleiad

???? Capbreton:

Delirious bookstore

???? Carcassonne:

Words & Company

???? Châlons-sur-Saône:


???? Charlieu:

The Spiral Notebook

???? Chartres:

The ampersand

???? Châteauroux:

Arcanes Bookstore

???? Clamart:

Memory 7

???? Colmar:


???? Dijon:

Grangier Bookstore

???? Dinan:

Librairie le Grenier

???? Grenoble:


???? La Roche-sur-Yon:

Agora Bookstore

???? Le Mans:

Thuard Bookstore | Doucet Bookstore

???? Libourne:


???? Lille:

La Chouette Librairie | No Yume Manga

???? Lyon:

Ier : Open your eyes | A Little Black
IIe : Descours Bookstore
VIIe : Comics Zone

???? Marseille:

1st: Librairie des Arcenaulx
VIIe : Pantagruel Bookstore
VIIIe : Prado Paradis

???? Metz:

Hisler Bookstore | La Cour des grands bookstore | Le Préau | Bookstore Around the world | Bubble square | Dreamland

???? Montélimar:

New Beaune Bookstore

???? Montpellier:

Proud letters | The grain of words

???? Montreuil:

Libertalia | Ink madness

???? Mulhouse:

47 degrees North – Bisey

???? Nailloux:

Detours Bookstore

???? Nantes:

Coiffard Bookstore

???? Nice:

The Speakers

???? Nîmes:

Teissier Bookstore

???? Orleans:

Modern times

???? Perpignan:

Torcatis library

???? Pornic:

Blue ink bookstore

???? Quimper:

Ravy Bookstore

???? Rennes:

Librairie le Failler

???? Rodez:

Book house

???? Romans-sur-Isère:

Librairie les Cordeliers

???? Rouen:

Tightrope bookstore

???? Saint-Jean de Luz:

The 5e Art

???? Saint-Ouen:

Ink madness

???? Saint-Mandé:

Lyrics library

???? Sète:

Librairie l’Echappée belle | The New Sète Bookstore

???? Strasbourg:

Quai des Brumes | Kléber Bookstore

???? Toulouse:

The Other Shore – Privat

???? Tournon:

At the bend of words

???? Tours:


???? Troyes:

The Gutter Cat | The Bidibul | The Little Prose Merchant

???? Valence:

The Piping Bird

???? Valves:


???? Vertou:

Lise & me

???? Villefranche-sur-Saône:

The Librairie des Marais

Antonin Iommi-Amunategui



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