At the end of last year, the number of people living with HIV worldwide was 36.9 million. Of these, about 35.1 million people are adults, 1.8 million are children under 15 years of age. According to experts, more than 1.1 million HIV-positive people live in Russia. In 2017, Rosstat registered 104.4 thousand new cases of the disease. In December 2016, the Minister of Healthcare of the Russian Federation, Veronika Skvortsova, announced that the Sverdlovsk region occupies a leading position on violations of treatment regimens for patients with HIV. However, in 2017, according to estimates of the Ministry of Health, the number of new HIV-infected people in the region decreased from 6.3 thousand to 6.2 thousand people. At the same time, there are still people who believe that HIV is a common virus that many people have and which in itself does not affect the state of health and does not require any medication. In Russia, the share of such citizens, according to a recent poll by VTsIOM, was 8%. Another 5% are sure that HIV does not exist, and someone specially invented it. There are also many myths about how HIV is transmitted. According to the survey, some Russians believe that it is possible to get infected: through a kiss (10%); through mosquito bites (10%); visiting together a pool or a bath (4%); using a shared toilet (4%); with handshakes and hugs (2%). In addition, 49% of Russians said they were not ready to eat from a dish that had been used by an HIV-infected person. In the barbershop, cinema and at the doctor’s office: how to distinguish between a real threat of HIV infection and urban legends an infected person; contaminated blood transfusions; sharing infected needles, syringes or other sharp instruments; mother-to-child transmission during pregnancy, delivery and breastfeeding. To test yourself if you can defend against human immunodeficiency virus, take our educational test:


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