Over a year of a new generation, Xbox has proven its ability to take care of gamers.

More than a week ago we had a great celebration at Microsoft Camp, When it comes to the sector related to the video game industry. First of all, we are currently celebrating 20 years on Xbox, which of course was celebrated with many different video game articles and awards and was flooded with interesting announcements. Second, a year has passed since the premiere of the new generation of consoles.

Recently, I wrote some of my thoughts on the first twelve months of PlayStation 5 on the market (The text can be found here. I invite you to read it. Now, however, I would also like to take a look at what it looks like “on the other side of the fence,” that is, in the Xbox world. Sony and Microsoft launched around the same time (a few days apart) and you can definitely join them.

However, I will not play to compare better and worse here. After all, it is better to have both devices and worse to have neither. And that is. I would just like that Xbox X First Year Summary | S in the market How did you adapt? And the only thing I would compare these months to would be the start of Xbox One, which happened years ago. Because that’s the best way to see progress.

something for everyone

Let’s start from the beginning – Xbox launched in two different genres. And in my opinion it was a very good decision. Sure, it seems that both versions of the hardware, with and without disk, seem normal. However, Microsoft has gone a step further and implemented more variations that the Xbox Series X (a more powerful console) and the Xbox Series S (a weaker brother) have in common. First of all, of course, it has to do with performance and power.

The XSX gives us a true next-gen feel in every sense of the word, and the XSS seems to be something that can be described as ‘half scale’. A great option for those who want to start their adventure with Microsoft., they don’t have cosmic demands, or they can’t afford to throw more than 2,500 zlotys into a video game machine. After all, the price was a big difference too.

What did it result in? Larger stakeholder base. Sunday gamers can enter the new generation on one foot, taking the Xbox Series S at a truly affordable price. Microsoft won the sympathy of many people and showed that it intended to nurture the growing community. They have attracted many players and have shown from the beginning that they do not intend to limit themselves to the biggest fans.

About Game Pass

Of course, you can’t write about Xbox and at the same time be silent on a subject that is perhaps the greatest innovation of the previous generation: subscription games. Show greens how it’s done. They came from a vulnerable position, a little out of the side entrance, and then they ran and hung the bar so high that it is now difficult for anyone to jump. You can yell about this aspect, but it would be very silly to criticize the Game Pass initiative from the player’s point of view.

For a relatively small price (and with a promo purchase, even half free), we have access to a huge library of games, from the best classics, with new products from the AAA division, to midsize and indie ones. titles that we do not usually recognize (and there are many more). of gems). And even if the Xbox can still be what it was a year ago, this is Over the past few months, they have further developed the service..

Month after month, subscribers get better games, louder games, biggest XGS releases (like Forza Horizon 5 or Halo Infinite) Debuting in service on launch dayand other publishers request Microsoft to join the subscription product family. Speak for itself. I don’t think Xbox Series X or Series S owners can get bored today and complain about the lack of games.

new games? Be carefull with that!

And if we are already complaining about the lack of games. While in the general sense of these words it is not appropriate to complain in terms of novelty, unfortunately it is a bit like that. Xbox’s muscles have started to flex recentlyAnd a number of big productions, from Psychonauts 2, to Forza Horizon 5, to the next Halo Infinite, are certainly promising. However, the search for new successes exclusively for the system for a long time was in vain.

Forza Horizon 5

So if someone buys an XSX | S for news and Live experiences of a new generationI may have been a little disappointed. The first year was somewhat worn, and the Game Pass mentioned in the last paragraph was an effective help with that. It acted like Netflix when movie theaters were closed due to the pandemic. It was a complement, it was a little substitute, but it did not reflect the feelings we expected.

However, considering the warranties and purchases that Microsoft has made in recent years, you can look to the future with rose-tinted glasses. We already know about quite a few hits coming to Xbox, and there is likely a lot going on behind the scenes right now. So while it’s absurd to talk about a harvest in this regard, the first year certainly conjured up promise and whetted an appetite for more. I think the 2022 tournament will be decisive.


Do you know why it is more fair to judge something / someone? Make progress and learn from the mistakes of the past. In the case of Xbox, this is definitely an advantage.. Although the premiere of the older generation took place a long time ago, I still remember that the atmosphere at that time was completely different. You may be under the impression that after the success of the Xbox 360, soda water hit some people’s heads.


Humility has disappeared somewhere, a They forgot it’s all about the players. The solutions felt more corporate and the presentation’s behavior was disgusting rather than encouraging. Now everything was very different: the specific problems have definitely been solved over the years and Phil Spencer has proven to be the right man, in the right place.

This has been quite a successful year and Xbox has proven to be a major player in the market. And although in terms of sales, it is still not the success it deserves in the last months of operations, it certainly stole the hearts of many players. It was perfect? In any case. However, everything is going for the better And all owners of the new Xbox can be optimistic about the future.