Overcrowding of bodies in Bucaramanga Legal Medicine

Asonal Judicial announced that there is overcrowding of bodies in the Legal Medicine refrigerators in Bucaramanga and they assured that an immediate solution is not in sight. There are 50 people who have not been claimed by their relatives, where several bodies with 22 years in the entity are even reported.

Luis José Arévalo, president of the Asonal Judicial in Bucaramanga pointed out that this becomes a danger for the workers there. “Every day they must make inventories, some corpses are decomposing and this affects the health of the companions. There is no room for one more person there.”

The bodies belong to people from Bucaramanga, its metropolitan area and other municipalities in the country. There are also Venezuelan citizens. “Each mayor must take charge of his bodies. There are people from nearby areas such as Cesar,” said the president of Asonal.

Faced with the issue, the secretary of health of Bucaramanga, Juan José Rey, indicated that the process is already being carried out to bury five bodies that belong to the city. “You are in the documentation to carry out the entire process. The Bucaramanga Mayor’s Office has a pavilion to bury the bodies that are not claimed.”

From Asonal they requested a meeting with the mayors of the metropolitan area and the Prosecutor’s Office to find a solution to this issue that could congest the entity.