Overdose, malaise or homicide? In Montreuil, the strange death of a young man of 21

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What happened on rue Arago, in Montreuil this Saturday evening? How did a 21-year-old lose his life in his apartment, yet surrounded by six other people? For now, the mystery remains. It all started when the firefighters were called by a woman who complained of severe pain in her arm. When help arrives at her home, an apartment in rue Arago, the woman, whose shoulder is dislocated, initially refuses to be transported to the hospital. Six tenants share the accommodation and one of them decides to go to the couple’s bedroom to wake up the spouse, who seems to be asleep. He will not succeed: the young man’s body is already stiff. He has a hemorrhage in his mouth and a tie is wrapped around his neck.

Drug overdose?

According to the first statements from the woman with the dislocated shoulder, both of them drank alcohol all night and did not fall asleep until the strokes of 7 a.m. The young man had been sleeping since then, without worrying anyone.

In view of these very suspicious findings, an investigation for intentional homicide was entrusted to the departmental service of the judicial police, the SDPJ 93.

Although very mysterious, the death of this 21-year-old man would not be a homicide. It would not be due either to a sex game that would have gone wrong as the tie tight around the neck might have suggested.

“No element of the autopsy allows the death to be attributed to strangulation” assures the Bobigny prosecutor’s office. On the other hand, the hypothesis of a death by overdose of narcotics could be the most plausible according to a source close to the investigation. The autopsy will verify this. Most of the custody has been lifted. This Monday, there was only one man left in the PJ premises.


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