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Overview of summer construction sites in Linz

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LINZ. At least 17 construction sites are planned in the city of Linz this summer. These include, for example, Unionstrasse and Obere Donaulände B129 Eferdinger Strasse. Maps of the city of Linz and the province of Upper Austria provide an overview of all construction sites.

“Due to the vacation and holiday season, there is up to 25 percent less traffic on the domestic roads in summer. That is why a large part of the road and bridge renovations will take place in summer. Under www.land-oberoesterreich.gv.at/strasseninfo drivers can get comprehensive information about their personal routes, ”says Infrastructure Regional Councilor Günther Steinkellner (FPÖ) in a broadcast. The province of Upper Austria is planning a total of 59 construction sites in the area of ​​bridge and road construction in the summer, including drainage and wall renovation in Linz, Obere Donaulände B129 Eferdinger Straße. Construction is scheduled to start at the beginning of July and completion is planned for the end of August. A half-way ban with mutual stopping is to be expected.

17 construction sites in the city

At least 16 further construction sites are planned in the state capital for the summer, for example the Unionstrasse carriageway. This is being renovated in the area between Hasnerstrasse and Hanuschstrasse. In addition, the intersection with Wiener Straße will be re-asphalted after the road between Novaragasse and Hasnerstraße was renewed in a first stage last year. Construction work here will start at the beginning of July; traffic disruptions are to be expected for two weeks. According to the city of Linz, the costs are 190,000 euros.

An overview of all planned construction sites can be found online. Beyond that as reported currently seven bus stops redesigned.

40,000 working hours for road maintenance companies in summer

On average, the Upper Austrian road maintenance depots perform around 40,000 working hours in construction and maintenance work throughout the entire federal state in the summer. According to Steinkellner, efforts are being made to keep the construction times as short as possible through targeted and fast processing. Construction phases are also carried out on the weekend or during the night. “Wherever there is planing, chips fall, and as a result of renovation measures, traffic disruptions and thus undesirable travel time delays can of course also occur. Construction sites are by no means there to annoy road users, but to make the road infrastructure in a functional and roadworthy condition, ”explains the state politician. The planned completions depend on the progress of construction and the weather conditions.

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