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For the first time, Flanders is getting an overview of the vaccination coverage of healthcare staff. View here how many carers and non-caring staff in the rest or hospital in your area have been vaccinated.

The figures come from the Flemish Institute for Quality of Care. In general terms, vaccination in our healthcare facilities is high: it hovers around the target of 95 percent. But not all healthcare institutions meet that threshold. Below you can see how the residential care centers, hospitals and psychiatric institutions in your area are doing.

At some institutions you will not see a percentage, but a range within which the vaccination coverage is located. That has everything to do with the privacy of the staff. When an absolute figure – such as 100 percent – betrays who has and who has not been vaccinated, a broader fork is used. Furthermore, there are usually three figures that are shared per institution: a general vaccination rate and the split figures of care staff and non-carers.

Also, data has not yet been published for all care institutions in Flanders. This is because the publication of the figures is voluntary. Currently there are data from 544 Flemish care institutions, which is about 60 percent of the number of recognized institutions. The Institute states that facilities that have not yet submitted data can still do so later. The figures would be updated monthly.

Vaccination rate in residential care centers

Hospital vaccination rate

Vaccination rate psychiatric hospitals