Overwatch 2 details its Season 3 and more

It seems that Overwatch 2 continues to confirm more news. This is some interesting information about this outstanding Blizzard game.

Overwatch 2

Specifically, we have been able to learn information about your season 3. It is expected to start February 7th and it will be accompanied by a new update that will also include balance patches, new skins and even a new map.

This is the shared message:

Very good! We’re back a little earlier than planned. Consider it a chat with the bonus developers!

This time, we will focus on the maps and level design above all.

Let’s go there!

Map Reserves… We were wrong about this. Map pools will be gone starting with Season 4. Our intention was to bring something new each season and reduce the number of maps played; however, the players were not very fond of him: the map pool did not have enough maps when really they were needed, and the impact and identity it gave the season was minuscule. Additionally, the rotation rate of the maps did not match the time required for them to receive changes. Gibraltar was supposed to come back in Season 4, but the tests we were doing on the map were going to take longer. There is a possibility that we will use map pools again in the distant future, when we have many more maps in the game. If that were the case, the rotation would be faster, possibly every week. If you don’t like the idea, set a reminder for two years from now and tell us!

Map frequency. Some players seem to think that we adjusted the pre-order frequency so that new maps and game modes come out more. For example, we’ve heard a lot that Colosseum appears a lot more than other maps. We do not have any special codes that give preference to a specific map. However, it is not completely random either. We’ve been looking into this based on player reports and there’s a detail to the matchmaking system that slightly increases the frequency of breakthrough maps. Matchmaking attempts to prevent one player from playing the same map y the same game mode until after a while. As Advance has fewer maps than other game modes, it could cause those maps to be played more than other game modes with higher map counts. We are looking at a way to smooth this out for a future season. This issue is especially important because we have a new game mode with new maps set for a seasonal release this year.

Have you ever spawned on defense in Gibraltar before the first checkpoint was reached and wondered if you’ll make it to your team alive without getting caught outside the spawn point? This has been a problem for far too long. We’re considering level design changes to address this on several maps, but there’s a chance it could open up new flanking routes for attack that we’d rather avoid. Therefore, we are considering solutions that do not require changes to the maps. We won’t have them until Season 4, but we’re working on it.

Finally, a matter that has nothing to do with maps. Some players have told us that the event challenges were too focused on playing the event game mode. We have reconsidered. We will include more challenges that let you play the way you want, but we will continue to introduce new game modes. You’ll see these changes reflected in some of the Season 3 event challenges. We’ll keep an eye out and tweak it in the future if we don’t like the outcome.

That’s all! Your opinions, criticism and participation are still welcome. 🙂

Finally, it should be noted that some players can already preload this season, although the criteria that is being followed for the distribution of this preload has not been confirmed.

What did you think of the news? If you are interested, you can take a look at our full coverage of the title at this link. Do not forget that we also have available Overwatch 2: Observatory Pack, the core of your new gaming experience. This pack includes:

The game

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We also remind you of the details of the new and renewed PvP experience in this sequel:

  • New heroes and the new 5v5 composition, which will revolutionize competitive matches and give rise to innovative and daring strategies.
  • The new Advance game mode features all-new symmetrical maps where teams face off in a tug of war battle and push TW-1, a centrally located robot, into enemy territory.
  • With an always-on live service, Overwatch 2 will introduce new heroes, maps, modes, and cosmetic content with each season. Season 1 begins with the October launch!