Overwatch 2 relaxes its requirements due to user complaints

Blizzard announces many changes in Overwatch 2 that affect its requirements, including the phone, to please users.

Since last Tuesday, October 4, it is already possible to play Overwatch 2 for free on Switch and on all platforms. The Hero Shooter has fired the starting gun, although it has stumbled upon running with some exaggerated requirements and numerous problems. Blizzard is well aware of all this, and has announced important changes that will be applied this week for improve the user experience and relax the requirements of Overwatch 2.

The first major change is undoubtedly the need to enter a contract mobile phone number. This requirement, intrusive for many and useless for others, will be left behind for certain users: “Any Overwatch player with a linked account, which includes all players who have played since June 9, 2021, you will not have to give a phone number to play.

This will apply on Friday October 7, although they warn that the new registered accounts will have to meet this requirement. Despite this, they claim to continue to listen to the community and continue to readjust this aspect to meet everyone’s expectations.

It is an important and necessary change, given that this was one of the requirements that was causing the most problems in Overwatch 2. Even so, it is not the only thing that is going to change in the short and medium term, since they have announced a series of arrangements and measures for solve all other problems in the game.

Overwatch 2 issues and how to fix them

The connection errors, the objects that should be imported for the players of the first game… There are not a few potholes that the community of Overwatch 2but Blizzard is already taking action on the matter:

  • Queues on servers, crashes and stability – The queuing process has been simplified so that players do not run into more than one when entering. A key server for login has been patched and an update has been prepared to prevent disconnections. Nodes are being added to alleviate the user load that is saturating the system.
  • Issues with account merge (lost items and data) – Several players have seen that their progress from the previous game has disappeared, losing heroes, skins and items. The interface has been improved to make it easier to merge accounts on consoles. They clarify that no data has been lost and that a client patch is being prepared that will fix it next week, while they look for solutions through the servers for this week.
  • Heroes and items mistakenly locked on old players – Other users are also having trouble accessing content that they should have unlocked. They claim that logging back in can fix it, but if the error persists, contact them directly.
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There will be more updates coming soon. Do you think it is a good step to fix the problems of OW2?