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If you look at how the market works, more players is better. If you want to expect long-term support and a lot of new content, the game needs a lot of players. Otherwise they just let the game bleed to death again.

The lack of players was certainly there, but you didn’t notice it much because you play at a casual level. (I’m assuming since you say you barely play) The higher your level the less people there are to match with, and the playerbase was so low that they started putting high and medium players together what kind of super unbalanced games took care of. (which caused even more people to quit the game)

You complain about a battlepass, but the loot boxes in OW1 were even 100x worse with it even being random what you were going to get. Furthermore, you don’t need the paid battle pass just like those loot boxes.
But a game that actively supports and releases new content needs a source of income, and now that loot boxes are no longer allowed, it has to be done in a different way.
Would they now again ask 40 euros for the game itself, everyone would also complain + this does not ensure the necessary new players.

The game has only been out for 1 day, and I think we haven’t even played both yet, yet you are already complaining that free unlocking is not feasible.. But this is also not clear at all how difficult or easy it is become..

It’s also quite egocentric that you think they should make the whole game so easy so that people who play 2 hours in a week should also be able to unlock everything without effort.
You can’t design a game and take everyone into account, let alone the people who barely play.

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I have played a lot of Rainbow six before and a new character also costs extremely much in game currency (if you didn’t want to pay real money for it), only in the time that I played the game a lot I had always saved this together before a new one came out. Only after I hadn’t played for a long time and in the meantime there were 6 new characters I only noticed how long it took to unlock this. But that’s the whole point, I wasn’t playing anymore, so why should a game take that into account.