Friday, 20 Apr 2018

Overwatch – Blizzard: Check out the highlights after the match, skipping will not work

Skipping the highlights after the Overwatch match, blizzard says nothing.
No matter if you won or lost, most of the time you want to be in Overwatch I would like to start the next match quickly. But then flicker still the winner poses, Stats and so on the screen. The easy to skip, but worth it, according to Blizzard not: Who cut off early, still can not go faster.

That’s Jeff Kaplan from Blizzard in the official forum explained. If you leave the match after the win / defeat screen – be it out of frustration or because you want to save time – it works anyway not immediately to the next game , It’s not until you start the matchmaking again when the match officially ends. Say: When the highlights for all participants have expired, no matter if you have looked at them yourself.
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No penalties for leaving early
So you can not speed up the process. If you do not want to see the highlights for other reasons, you can still leave the match prematurely (after the end) without him disadvantage carries away – it just brings no benefits. If you suffer from frustration in multiplayer, you can indeed the new time limited Co-op retaliation turn. The event lets us accompany Reaper, McCree, Moira and Genji on a PvE mission.


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