The party of the eSports It does not finish. Although the world of League of Legends already decorated his champion (Invictus Gaming), now it's the turn of the Overwatch World Cup 2018 , the competitive one that takes place in the Blizzcon 2018.

Blizzard made the procedures so that the quarterfinals and the rest of the eSports is closed at its largest convention of the year. For these instances the following equipment arrived: United States, United Kingdom, South Korea, Australia, China, Finland, Fancia and Canada.

South Korea qualified first in the Grand Final, while China still had to beat Canada. The latter would face the United Kingdom to define the third place.

This event is really more an exhibition, since the first four places cost 16 thousand dollars each. In total, the amount of prizes was 488 thousand dollars that were distributed among the participants.

The reason for this decision is that Blizzard you want to grow this eSport and turn it into a reference. This is the third edition, and for the next ones new teams will be added, such as the Spanish National Team Overwatch.



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