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The introduction of Ashe, the 29th and latest addition to OverwatchAt BlizzCon 2018, it was cheerfully announced that she starred in an animated short film show with Jesse McCree against the contents of a mysterious box. But who is Ashe? Apart from being an obvious weapon lover with amazing abilities, not much was revealed about her background, that is, until today. The video describing her background and a full description of her character can be found below:

Ashe is the ambitious and calculating leader of the deadlock gang and a respected figure in the criminal underworld. Ashe was born into a wealthy family and grew up in the midst of privileges. Her parents were highly sought after business consultants and coaches for high-performance CEOs around the world. Although her parents paid little attention to her (they mostly left her from the Omnic butler of the family, Bob), they made sure that Ashe had every opportunity to succeed. But a chance meeting with a local rogue named Jesse McCree and a spontaneous series of jointly committed crimes opened their eyes to their true vocation. The satisfaction of outsmarting their goals and the thrill of getting away with them set them on the path of the wicked.

She apparently used the cunning and reckless business strategies of her negligent parents to create a remarkable gang. But what about B.O.B. The caring robot serves as the ultimate ability of Ashe, but such a position does not leave him without a background:

B.O.B., Ashe's Ultimate Ability, calls Bob, her relentless omnic companion. Bob is a temporary member of the team, and he is very good at challenging territories with his disruptive abilities and his immense firepower. He can cover a long distance if he storms into action and only comes to a halt when he encounters a solid structure. Keep in mind that Bob levies fees wherever you instruct him, so be careful not to send him off a rocky outcrop! For best results, aim it at groups of enemies or slow it down by pointing it at a wall where it has a selection of targets. Enemies that Bob comes in contact with are thrown into the air by his brutal arm cannons. Due to his high ability to deal damage, Bob tends to draw a lot of enemy fire. Use the opposing team to defeat distracted heroes. As a member of the team, Bob is able to score goals so that opposing teams can not shift the payload or save points until they are eliminated or jump away.

Are we excited for Ashe and B.O.B. her big debut in Overwatch? Ashe is currently available in the PTR (Public Test Region) and will be released on all live servers for all on November 20, 2018, unless there are technical issues. It could also appear in ours Overwatch Lore Guide.

If you want more Overwatch, New Overwatch LEGO sets have just been announced at BlizzCon along with the release of Ashe. Blizzard also revealed that at least six other characters were planned for the hero shooter, which would ultimately increase the number of 35 characters.

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