Overwhelmed by letters from the tax authorities? It will stay that way for a while | NOW

Have you received a letter from the tax authorities for several days in a row in the past few weeks? One day you will receive an assessment and the next day you will be asked whether you want to have it written off automatically. The Tax and Customs Administration acknowledges to that this happens and says that it is because most systems are not linked to each other. Digitization of that post is for later.

An example from practice: person X will receive a letter on Monday with the tax assessment that he could previously view online.

On Tuesday there will be a letter about the motor vehicle tax and on Wednesday the person will receive a letter to make it clear that the same tax can be automatically debited.

Finally, the recipient will be asked on Thursday to provide the account number.

People also report on Twitter that they receive many blue envelopes in a row.

‘Systems work independently and side by side’

A number of those messages seem to be more efficient, but according to the Tax Authorities, this is not possible. “Most systems and processes within the service are not linked to each other,” explains a spokesperson. “As a result, they work independently and side by side.”

In addition, there are different variants for physical mail: varying number of pages, various sizes, with or without a return envelope, and so on. As a result, letters from different processes cannot be merged. “It is therefore possible that letters come from two different processes and two different postal frequencies, but are related to each other. However, we cannot merge this at the moment,” says the spokesperson.

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Can that mail be digitized to save paper? “We are working on that. Taxpayers will soon be able to choose whether they want to receive their mail digitally or physically. The systems are now being prepared for this,” says the spokesperson. It is not clear when the systems will be ready.