Owner Lada Vesta told the way to protect the car from theft

The owner of the car Lada Vesta shared on the web the way he uses to protect his car from theft.

According to the man, the usual alarm system is unable to protect the car, as car thieves simply remove the factory immobilizer. Therefore, he made a choice in favor of mechanical protection of the ECU, since the majority of intruders, faced with such protection, refuse to steal a car.

The owner of Vesta has installed a special metal case under the hood of his car, protecting the electronic engine control unit. According to him, it is possible to install such a system independently, since all the fasteners are already included with it.

Initially, it is necessary to remove the ECU mounting frame and tilt the air filter, and then unscrew the bolts holding the control unit with the key 10 at the top and bottom.

Owner Lada Vesta told the way to protect the car from theft

Having stumbled upon such mechanical protection under the hood, auto thieves are sent to look for another “prey”, since it will take a lot of time and effort to cut the metal. However, the disadvantages of such a system to protect the car from theft also exist: when you contact the service center for routine maintenance or repair, you have to remove this improvised “safe” every time, which may not be very convenient.


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