Oxchuc must have a free, safe and authentic vote: TEECH – El Heraldo de Chiapas

The Provisional Municipal Council of Oxchuc must foster the social and political conditions for the indigenous people to elect their authorities in a elective process that guarantees the citizen’s will and the vote of each member of the community free, safe and authentic under the system of uses and customs, exposes the Electoral Court of the State of Chiapas (TEECH).

The jurisdictional body recognizes that there is disagreement of some actors Oxchuc politicians, in the sense that the presiding councilor Luis Santiz Gomez, appointed at the end of February this year by the State Congress does not meet the eligibility requirements, for having been in 2021 electoral counselor or member of the Community Electoral Body.

It specifies that although it is accredited that Luis Santiz served as third member, indigenous regulatory systems are governed by general principles, oral or written regulations, institutions and procedures that indigenous municipalities and communities recognize as valid and in force and are applied in the development of their self-government, in the appointment of their positions and services, as long as they are recognized as an expression of their right to self-determination and autonomy.

Of the guidelines that will govern the election of the municipal authorities of Oxchuc for the period 2022-2024 there is no requirement not to be part of said authority, especially since it was the communities who decided and ratified the nominated persons, for this reason, although the president councilor was part of the Community Electoral Body it does not exempt you from your right to be designated.

“Native populance has the right to self determination, freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, political, social and cultural development, they have the right to participate in decision-making in the just demands of the common good”.

In that sense, they are the communities natives of Oxchuc which in self-determination must build agreements for the election of their municipal authorities by internal regulatory systems, at the call of the municipal council, who must determine the method, day and place of the election, a procedure that will be endorsed by the Institute for Elections and Citizen Participation, that after the election he must qualify it and deliver proof of majority.