Oxford tests new vaccine against prostate, lung and ovarian cancer

A team of British researchers is testing a new vaccine against prostate, lung and ovarian cancer. The immunizer is being applied to volunteers and was developed by Oxford Vacmedix, which is a company created by scientists at the University of Oxford, located in the United Kingdom.

The product targets the protein survivin, released by cancer cells to evade the immune system, preventing attacks on the body. With a synthetic version of the protein, the vaccine has the function of training the body to attack the substance and also to recognize tumors.


In all, 35 cancer patients volunteered to receive the three doses of the vaccine, two weeks apart. All of them will be monitored for six months after the applications.

According to the experts, early on, the initial results appear to be promising. On the other hand, the team urges caution, as the volunteers need to be followed up over time to analyze the possible side effects of the vaccine and define what the impact is on the survival of the participants.

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Source: The Globe

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