Özcan Akyol opens fire on Marc-Marie Huijbregts: ‘He can’t do anything!’

When the men at the table were talking about people who are often guests on talk shows, it soon turned to Marc-Marie, who regularly Beau is visible. Johan Derksen called him ‘a nice boy who can’t do anything’, but that was not an option with Özcan.

“He’s not a nice guy,” Özcan said immediately. “The first time I met him, I had given an interview to the AD in the run-up to the Boekenbal and then I said: ‘There are also all kinds of characters walking around who I don’t think have ever written a book, but there are. Then I said: ‘For example a Marc-Marie Huijbregts.'”

That went wrong again with Marc-Marie, explains Özcan. As a result, the first meeting of the two at The world goes on not exactly cosy. “He came up to me very angry and said, ‘I did write a book!'” zcan said, setting up a squeaky voice.

Johan later added that he thinks Marc-Marie has won ‘the prize of the worst New Year’s Eve conference ever’. “I’ve never seen anything from him that makes me think, oh, he can do something.”

Özcan believes that Beau van Erven Dorens ‘cannot ask anyone else’ for his talk show. “I don’t think so. Otherwise you wouldn’t be asking him every day, would you?”

Marc-Marie had previously spoken negatively about Today Insidefollowing the infamous ‘candle riot’.