P.-O. : a parasite named ” Sorède “, which is transmitted to our turtles of Florida

P.-O. : a parasite named ” Sorède “, which is transmitted to our turtles in Florida

University. A parasite, called Sorède, has been found by researchers in our local species.

Polystomoïdes soredensis. Under this name-sounding greco-Catalan hides a tiny parasite, a kind of to flat, also known as simply by researchers from the university of Perpignan via domitia, Sorède. Here is the history of this parasite came from the United States, which found “refuge” in our turtles Catalan.

Cap on the turtle of Florida

Olivier Verneau, university professor teacher researcher in biology, ecological evolutionary, and Laurent Heir, a doctoral student, who conducted a thesis on the impact on the physiological stress of aquatic fauna in the face of environmental changes, have worked more specifically on the diversity bacteriological. They studied the turtles local semi-aquatic in freshwater, which is the cystude Europe and the émyde leper, knowing that the latter is only found in the P.-O. ” In early 2010, we focused on the diversity of parasite of turtles in captivity, at the farm of Sorède, as well as in the middle of naturel tells Olivier Verneau. in To our surprise, we saw that they had parasites that were not, a priori, native to their species. And we find the same procession of parasites on the turtles of Florida “.

In 2015, the researchers are starting a mission in North Carolina in the United States for échantilloner of the turtles of Florida. “We wanted to show that this parasite has been introduced, or not, by the turtles of Florida, explains Olivier Heir. the They live everywhere in the world, not ours. Finally, it has found this parasite in there, which confirmed our intuition.”

The scientific approach, then, to describe this parasite, which resides in the pharynx of the turtles and thus can cause discomfort on the animal. They give him the name of Polystomoïdes soredensis with this wink to the valley of the tortoises of Sorède dear to its founder Françoise Mallirach. “This is where we discovered it and it is for this reason that we wanted to give it a local anchorage, ” says Laurent Heir.

What is the impact on our turtles local ?

The logical continuation of this study is to test the impact of this parasite on turtles infected, ” a parasite is never trivial, emphasize the two researchers. At the base, our turtles have their own natural parasites and we can ask what impact will have the appearance of it “.

And Laurent Heir to comment on : “The turtles of Florida are larger, have a fertility rate greater, they are better competitors and they are likely to have the top on our own. We must follow this evolution over the medium term “.

now, Olivier Verneau and Laurent Heir to communicate to other researchers, the results of their work, through publications in academic journals or by participating in conferences, such as in the Czech Republic this summer or in Japan in September.

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