Pablo Iglesias contradicts the PSOE and says that the signed document forces to overturn all the labor reform



The second vice president of the Government, Pablo Iglesias, this Wednesday in Congress.
Kiko HuescaEFE

The clarification on the scope of the agreement signed by the PSOE, United We Can and EH Bildu, on the repeal of the labor reform, carried out by the socialists at midnight, to clarify that it will not be overthrown in an “integral” way but some specific aspects, not has the endorsement of Pablo Iglesias. The third vice president has assured in Catalonia Rdio that the pact is what the document contains verbatim and not the explanatory notes that the PSOE made later to specify what points are to be repealed.

“I will be crystalline:pacta sunt servanda(what is signed obliges) “, he underlined” In the agreement that was signed yesterday among the top managers that is the agreement. Then each party can say what they want. But the signed documents, in the agreement between three parliamentary groups, that is the agreement. After each party wants to make considerations, very well, but what is signed is that, “he pointed out.

His views contrast not only with the position of his partner ingovernmentbut with that of EH Bildu, who does not object to the PSOE’s qualification and considers it only a “terminological qualification”.

The socialists assure that their clarification to point out exactly in what terms the PP labor reform will be modified – what they have always called as the most damaging aspects – coincides with the investiture agreement that they signed with United We Can, although the Minister of Transportation and Secretary of the PSOE Organization, Jos Luis balos, has recognized today in Onda Cero that this interpretation needs the consent of the three groups. In this sense, he pointed out that they should say “if they share” the rectification, which is precisely what Iglesias has not done.

Sources of the purple formation explain that the manifestations of the leader of Unidas Podemos do not contradict anyone and that they only reaffirm themselves in the pact. That the correction, in any case, is the PSOE.

Balos believes that the only change from his party’s traditional position and his coalition pact with United Podemos is “to urge that it be carried out as soon as possible.” “As far as I know, I am not part of the parliamentary activity, we must adjust to the clarification,” he pointed out, contrary to what the second vice president said.

Unlike Iglesias, EH Bildu spokeswoman Mertxe Aizpurua, in an interview on RNE, has not required the PSOE to yield to the textuality of the document. “I am not aware that it has been rectified” but rather that it has been “qualified”. “It is true that you may want to reduce the scope somewhat, but I am not too concerned,” he said, because “we have an agreement on the table, and it even seems good to me that it begins to clarify from minute one.”

The Basque leader who claims to have known about the correction, practically at the same time that the press was informed, has pointed out that this is a “live and serious” pact and that the “spirit” of the two coalition government formations is to address this issue once the “exceptional” measures taken by the Covid-19 pandemic are over. The PSOE only says about this, which also appears literally in the document, which will be urgently addressed.

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