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Packages from Alibaba are getting a lot more expensive – Wel.nl

by archyw

The stuff that Alibaba and other Chinese web shops sell are incomprehensibly cheap. You order a (for example) drone for 19.95 and after months a messy-looking package comes with only Chinese manuals that actually contain a drone. Good quality.

New European rules on buying products from outside the European Union will come into effect on 1 July, NOS writes. As a result, you also have to pay VAT for things less than 22 euros. At the moment, orders under 22 euros are still exempt from the 21 percent VAT.

Due to the new rules, small orders from Chinese webshops such as AliExpress and Wish will therefore become 21 percent more expensive. And if webshops do not participate in the new EU system to collect this VAT immediately when placing an order, you will pay even more. Because then you also have to pay handling costs. These amount to between 4 and 7 euros. So the drone suddenly does not cost 19.95, but 31 euros….

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