Pacma affirms that a San Fermín festival “without violence or bloodshed is possible” and “necessary”


The Animalist Party (Pacma) has demanded a Sanfermines “without animal exploitation” and has considered that “festivities without violence or bloodshed are possible and, above all, necessary.”

The party has announced its adherence to the demonstration called this Saturday in Pamplona by Libertad Animal Navarra against bullfighting. “Every year, between July 7 and 14, dozens of bulls die in the bullring after the running of the bulls during the San Fermín festivities among thousands of people who, in turn, voluntarily risk their lives,” he stressed. .

For the animal support group, “the Sanfermines are massive festivals due to the different activities that take place and the general atmosphere that forms in the city of Pamplona, ​​but not because of the bullfights that are held at the end of each running of the bulls.”

“People have less and less interest in bullfighting. Proof of this is the amount of subsidies it receives each year so as not to die, but we believe that, particularly, the Sanfermines are popularly interpreted in another way », he opined in a PACMA statement. “People are not going to see the bulls die, but to enjoy all the other activities that take place, which is why we think that parties without violence or bloodshed are possible and, above all, necessary,” he remarked.

The formation has also referred to the confinement itself and has highlighted that «the drastic change of environment of the bulls (from their usual enclosures in the countryside to the crowded streets of the city), added to the noise, the firecrackers, the music , the cries, the pavement and the layout of the route are dramatically conditioning factors for the welfare of the animals». And he has assured that “their violent reactions, frequently causing accidents, are due to the high levels of stress to which they are exposed.”