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Paddington 3 in development – probably without franchise director Paul King

Any cuddly favorite bear from Peru returns for another adventure – but he'll probably have to do his third trip without a well-known friend holding his hand.

In an exclusive interview with ColliderSteve Weintraub, Paddington Movie franchise producer David Heyman announced that the work has begun Paddington 3And that's to the dismay of the fans, series director Paul King will probably not be behind the wheel.

"I do not think Paul King will be the third director, he did the first two – he and I are working on another project together," Heyman said. "He's very special, Paul, we're developing a third Paddington, We do not have a script yet, we have a treatment we are still working on. "

It is sad to hear that King is unlikely to be the filmmaker to round it off Paddington Trilogy, but the good news is that the director is still involved Paddington 3.

"Paul is involved," Heyman confirmed. "I wanted him to be involved because I think he's such an important voice, but I do not think he'll rule it, he worked on the idea … he's coming up with Simon Farnaby and Mark Burton and then with the idea you develop it and come back again and again, back and forth, and then it's written, and Paul will come in and stir things up, but he's an incredible collaborator, Paul, very positive, very supportive. "

So everything is so far ship form Paddington 3 is worried right? It's full of steam, sweet stories and an outstanding voice, right? Almost, but not quite.

Heyman explained that King, Farnaby and Burton are actively developing the third Paddington Movie, Warner Bros. has not given the project the green light. According to Heyman Paddington 3 will only progress under one very important condition: if all parties have the potential to be as good as the first two films in which the anthropomorphic Bear Paddington (voiced by Ben Whishaw) emigrated from the Peruvian jungle to London and moved in with the family Brown.

"I hope we can do it, it's really fun, it's a fun idea," Heyman said. "I do not know yet, I do not want to do it if I do not think it will be okay."

Paddington 3 has a lot to fulfill, as its predecessors at the box office perform incredibly well and perform brilliantly with critics and moviegoers. The first film, released in November 2014, earned $ 268 million worldwide and achieved a critical approval rate of 98 percent for Rotten Tomatoes. (The reviewers found it appealing and praised the film's ability to "bring the character of a beloved child into the 21st century without sacrificing its essential charm and delivering a family-friendly adventure that is as irresistibly cuddly as its star." Paddington 2, who made his debut in January 2018, was just as successful around the world – earning $ 226.8 million worldwide and scoring a perfect 100 percent score at Rotten Tomatoes, where critics called it "a good-natured sequel," adding a loveable look Perfectly matched story matches heartwarming family dishes and a fun-filled adventure for all ages. (At one point, the sequel was even the top rated movie of all time on Rotten Tomatoes.)

It's not to say what kind Paddington A film without a king in the director's seat would look and feel like that, but it would be pretty stupid of Warner Bros. and the franchise group's creative team to skip the trilogy if the non-director status of King is the only one what keeps her from doing that. Paddington 2 proved that continuations can Be better than the originals and maybe with the right amount of magic Paddington 3 will do the same.


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