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EU country quarantines travelers from Austria – travel

Due to rising corona numbers, Austria is again on the red list of other European countries. People entering Finland must be quarantined. Finland is the first EU country since the relaxation of travel traffic almost two months ago to introduce a quarantine obligation for travelers from Austria. As announced by the Finnish Ministry of Foreign … Read more

Alzheimer’s signs: these are typical symptoms

Forgetfulness is not always the central sign of Alzheimer’s. Almost every second Alzheimer’s patient in the early stage is not noticed by gaps in memory, but by other symptoms. These warning signs indicate Alzheimer’s. 1. Affected people forget the meaning of words If those affected can no longer express themselves correctly in a conversation, they … Read more

Indonesian National Team & National Team U-19 Have Swab Test, Ready to Exercise

Jakarta – Indonesian national team players and Indonesian national team U-19 have undergone a swab test, Friday (24/7/2020). This was done before starting training on Saturday (7/25). The swab test became the health protocol standard applied by PSSI before the Indonesian National Team and the National Team U-19 began its activities in the field. Previously, … Read more

Another hanging game for contract for Trabusch

Actually everything seemed clear: after a long back and forth, director Markus Trabusch was to get a new contract. But now the story is extending. It seemed to be the end of a long story when the city council of Wrzburg decided on April 30th to offer a new contract to Mainfranken theater director Markus … Read more

North Carolina man who won lottery prize charged with murder

Read this article in English in the Miami Herald. Three years ago, Michael Todd Hill’s life changed when he bought a scratch-off lottery ticket that won $ 10 million. Now, the North Carolina man faces a murder charge, multiple media outlets reported. Hill, a Brunswick County resident, who worked at a nuclear power plant, played … Read more

Florida party convention canceled due to Corona

Trump turns around Due to the flare-up of the corona pandemic in the US state of Florida, President Donald Trump has canceled the Republican party conference planned there in late August. “I have to protect the American people,” said Trump. 1 / 4 With the cancellation of the major event planned in Florida, Trump made … Read more

Too much television reduces life expectancy – naturopathy & naturopathic specialist portal

How does television time affect life expectancy? Limiting the amount of time spent in front of the television to a maximum of two hours a day, according to a recent study, seems to prevent or at least delay health problems and protect them from premature death. How does a lot of time in front of … Read more

AZ player infected with corona | Football

It is a footballer of the promise team of the North Hollanders. He showed no symptoms and had no complaints, but was tested positive. The player immediately went into home quarantine. AZ did not clarify who it is for privacy reasons. Players, staff and involved employees are tested for the virus before every (practice) match. … Read more