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Corona news: Van Ranst: ‘Avoid Antwerp’ – NVR together again on Monday – Flanders turns orange – Belgium

During the night from Thursday to Friday, the House approved the setting up of a special committee to investigate Belgium’s response to the Covid-19 epidemic. Socialists, liberals, Ecolo-Groen, CD&V, N-VA and DéFI agreed, Vlaams Belang and PVDA voted against because they wanted a parliamentary committee of inquiry. CdH abstained. The special committee will consist of … Read more

Natural Medicine: Medicinal Cannabis

It is one of the most controversial plants worldwide, since its use is not allowed in several countries since they refer to the use of cannabis as an addictive substance and has been the subject of debate and controversy for several years. But he has stopped to know a little more about this plant and … Read more

Listen – Ainars Virga has written a story about Rumpi Pumpi’s husband

One of the new compositions, the video of which was published today, is a song by Ainars Virga with the author’s own words – “Rumpi Pumpi’s husband”. The author of the video version of the song is Ritvars Bluka. The audio master of the song was performed by Martins Ankelius, in the studio “Cutting Room”, … Read more

TIC: Linkedin will cut nearly 1,000 jobs worldwide

Linkedin in the process of reducing its staff. The professional online social network plans to cut 960 jobs, or about 6% of its workforce worldwide, announced the group’s management. In a note to employees of this California-based Microsoft subsidiary, the CEO Ryan Roslansky said the job cuts will affect the company’s global sales and recruiting … Read more

Parents’ contributions for crèche and school waived – Gutach im Breisgau

Gutach municipal council decides on new terms of use and charges for supervision / changes to the Burgerhof development plan. . Two items on the agenda at the recent council meeting last Tuesday dealt with the corona-related closing times of kindergartens and schools. In the municipal crèche “Schatzkiste” the parents’ contributions were suspended from April … Read more

Fifty children at the camp in Chříč were poisoned and taken to hospital

According to regional rescue spokeswoman Maria Svobodová, about sixty children had health problems. Rescuers later adjusted this number, according to which fifty children and five adults were poisoned. None of the children were life-threatening. 26 children were transported to Prague hospitals and 24 children to hospitals in Pilsen. Adults were also transported there. The poisoning … Read more

As the number of infections increases, Belgium is tightening restrictions – Abroad – News

Under the new rules, citizens will have to wear masks in crowded places outdoors, including in markets and shopping streets, said Prime Minister Sofia Wilmes. These measures are being implemented in response to the alarming increase in new infections. The rules provide that visitors to restaurants and bars will be required to leave their contact … Read more

Hospitals in the area receive military medical support to care for patients with coronavirus | Univision 21 Fresno KFTV

FRESNO, California.– California is one of the 40 states in the country that shows an increase in coronavirus cases during the last two weeks with an average of 6,900 people infected daily. Fresno County, for its part, reported about 700 new cases in 24 hours, according to their latest statistical report. To date they are … Read more