Paha!! Tac Pharanyu wears a two-piece suit, Taab Keng Ver.

behind the young star “Tac Pharunyu Rojanawutthitham” Post pictures of childhood teasing couples such as “C Siwat Chotichaicharin” and “Amy Klinpratoom”, and recently turned to curry with themselves. Put on a sexy two-piece swimsuit. mirror selfie Let’s see on IG

They also tag girls such as Tukky Sudarat, Amy Klinpratoom, Aum Lakkana and Lydia Sarunrat with long hashtags.

Brothers @tukky66 @amy_klinpratoom @lukkanaaum @lydiasarunrat is that enough? #swimsuit journal #breakfast journal #saturday journal #This image will be captivating. #fresh sea #must come down to the Thairath college #please comment a thousand or ten thousand #I can tell you that my daughter


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