Paire describes the vicious circle in which he finds himself

It’s no secret that Benoit Pair He is not going through the best moment of his career. The Frenchman has not seen the light since he had to isolate himself for having contracted covid-19: “I enjoy when I go to train and when I play with my friends, but then the game comes and I get anxious. I have stress when I go out on the court. What I like is the adrenaline, I like moments of stress, but at the same time, it has become more and more complicated. Since I’m stressed I feel anxious and I panic. It’s difficult because I don’t feel happy in my life. It’s a vicious circle,” Paire confessed to Brut. Benoit explained that he has contacted psychiatrists to try to understand what is happening to him. The French tennis player will play in Gstaad, Switzerland, his next tournament (July 18-24).