“Paisan” reveals 4 truths that the leader of the Cavas dare not speak

Mr. Paisan Pheechmongkol, former Assistant Director Deputy Prime Minister (Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan) posted on Facebook paisal puechmongkol, stating that the fact that the Kawa leader did not dare to speak.

1. The nation is in dire straits from foreign domination aimed at dragging Thailand into the most serious conflict, which is against or possibly even going to war with China, including its allies Russia, Iran, North Korea. Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia and other members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. This puts Thailand at the most serious risk, which is a Ukrainian battlefield. which is not the desire of the Thai people
Why did this happen? The leader of Ghao did not dare to tell the truth to his friends, brothers and sisters and the youths. The reason why he didn’t dare to tell was because of his cowardice. Or because it was a network of colonialists? This is something that young people must observe and question the leaders.

2. The country is full of corruption. persecution unfair use of state power and not leading to the suffering and suffering of the people
But the Cavaliers never said anything about it. which is a problem of the nation and the people, day by day, they are constantly raving about calling for institutional reform. Calling for the abolition of some defamation laws, only the defamation and slander of the King under the Criminal Law 112, which is not a problem for the nation and the people, but instead aims to sow this idea into the youth of the nation. It is the most serious harm to youth.

3. Is there a sovereignty in Thailand today or is it a true democracy? It’s a big thing that all Thai people, including the Cavaliers leader, have to get the right knowledge and understanding to happen. Thailand is unable to implement independent foreign policy. unable to be friendly with countries independently unable to trade with countries independently unable to develop the country for the benefit of the Thai nation independently
that’s why because the colonial hunters had orchestrated the order to be

For example, the price of oil is constantly rising. Countries that are independent Find a solution to help people by importing cheap oil from Russia and Iran. and used this opportunity to actively trade with Russia and Iran But Thailand can’t because the colonial hunters who control Thailand won’t allow it.

4. The state of Thailand at the moment Therefore, it is not a country that is independent or an old Thai. There is no true sovereignty.
but looks like a semi-colonial country that the superpowers direct all orders in our country This is a big problem at the heart of the nation. that all patriots and intellectuals across the country Including young people must work together to liberate Thailand from such conditions.

We must fight together to make our country liberal. There is true sovereignty. Therefore, it will be able to truly benefit the happiness of the Thai people. This is a great mission in the heart of all Thai nations.