“PaiSano”: well-being, wisdom and vitality

Country / Year is a documentary series of three chapters that highlights the vitality and deep wisdom of the Colombian peasantry, product of values ​​and behaviors that have endured over time and that exemplify models of social life far from individualism.

Directed by Pablo Mora Calderon and written by the director together with Maria Camila Lizarazo Cuello y Alhena Caicedo Fernandezthis documentary series explores the rich heterogeneity, vitality and human values ​​of the Colombian rural world, recognizing the value of the peasant as a promoter of well-being.

Country / Year starring Fabriciano Ortiz Garcua, Jose Armando Rodriguez, Yolanda Castro, Graciliana Callejas Malagon, Fidel Escorcia, Balbino Avellaneda, among other workers of the land, was recorded in traditionally peasant places such as Tumerque (Boyacá), the Páramo de Pisba, Caucasia (Antioquia). ), San Jose de la Fragua (Caqueta) or Suarez (Cauca).

Get to know the peasant worldview up close in Country / Year

Con Country / Year the public has the opportunity to renew the imaginary around the peasant world, which has sometimes had a negative perception, for that of a world where the thought and culture of women and men attached to the countryside who with their values, practices and worldviews contribute to the cultural wealth of the nation.

Through the testimonies and a window with beautiful photography towards peasant life, Country / Year It reveals the enormous capacity for resilience that has allowed land workers to historically face adverse situations, such as the onslaught of large-scale production, industrialization, and land dispossession.

The documentary series reveals the community values ​​that foster friendly ways of being together among the peasantry and a deep knowledge of the wild and domestic environment that simply cannot be ignored or belittled.

Country / Year This highlights the vitality and profound wisdom of the peasant world, far removed from the selfish individualism that prevails in large cities, and also their deep knowledge of natural ecosystems, domestic agriculture and artisanal fishing, without forgetting their practices associated with caring for the territory, the family and the body.

Narrated in the first person by the protagonists, this winning production of the MinTic Open Chamber 2022 call, teaches, among other things, to verify that it is possible to overcome old resignations as a result of inequality and understand why the cultural identities of peasant life do not they must disappear.

Do not miss by Señal Colombia Country / Yeara documentary series that highlights the feeling of life in the peasant world and shows that it is never too late to confront dispossession and violence, turning collective dreams to live well into reality.

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2023-05-31 21:50:22