Pajero Factory Closed, Mitsubishi Indonesia Boss Opens

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – President Director of PT Mitsubishi Motors Krama Yudha Sales Indonesia (MMKSI) Naoya Nakamura spoke about the closure of the Mitsubisho Pajero factory in Japan. Pajero Sport consumers in Indonesia certainly wonder about the fate of their cars.

In his statement to CNBC IndonesiaOn Wednesday (29/7), Nakamura explained about the closure of the Pajero Factory in Japan, that the factory was different from the factories that produced Pajero Sport in Indonesia and other countries. The Pajero factory in Sakahogi City, Gifu Prefecture, only produces Pajero and Delica D5.

“Pajero and Pajero Sport are different products. So that Indonesian consumers who have Pajero Sport need not worry about the news,” Nakamura said.

The decision to close the factory was based on a meeting of the board of directors of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, which was held on Monday (7/27), which decided to stop Pajero’s domestic production of its subsidiary Pajero Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

The cessation of production will take place in the first half of 2021. Demand for Japanese domestic and export Pajero is increasingly sluggish.

The reason for the closure of the Pajero plant was to adjust it to the right production capacity in accordance with Mitsubishi’s medium-term plan. Furthermore, production equipment at the Pajero plant will be transferred to Mitsubishi Motors Corporation in Okazaki.

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