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Pakhmutova responded to Putin about the awarding of the Order

Composer Alexandra Pakhmutova wished Russian President Vladimir Putin that "everything good, good, high that you want for our country is obtained." So she reacted to the words of the Russian leader that he decided to award her the Order of St. Andrew the First-Called.

With congratulations, Putin performed at the composer's concert dedicated to her 90th birthday – he went on stage with a bouquet of flowers. In a congratulation, Putin said that "many generations of our citizens come with your music."

Putin came to the concert to Pakhmutova and congratulated her on her anniversary

Putin said that he thought about why it “turns out like this”, that Pakhmutova’s music “touches us all”. In his opinion, this is due to the fact that her songs and compositions are like folk.

At the end of the speech, the Russian president said that he had signed a decree on the delivery of the Pakhmutova Order of St. Andrew the First-Called. He was going to present the award, “as it should be," at a ceremony in the Kremlin.



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