Pakistan – Gang rape: suspect arrested

A suspect has been arrested in a gang rape case that sparked a nationwide outcry after a police official appeared to blame the victim for driving at night without a male companion.

Members of the VCare Welfare Trust demonstrate after the gang rape of a woman in Karachi.


While two men are suspected of raping a woman, one was arrested, said Usman Buzdar, the chief minister of the province of Punjab (East), where the crime occurred. One of the police officers blamed the victim for driving at night without a male companion.

“His DNA matches and he confessed to the crime,” Buzdar continued in a tweet.

A senior police official confirmed the arrest, adding that a manhunt was underway to arrest the second suspect.

Demonstrations took place in several cities in Pakistan over the weekend to denounce the remarks of the police chief of Lahore – the capital of Punjab, – Umar Sheikh, who had suggested that the rape was at least partially the fault of the victim , threatened with a gun and raped in front of her two children after breaking down.

Patriarchal Code

No one in Pakistan “would allow their daughters and sisters to travel alone so late,” he said. “Her family is from France, her husband lives in France. She did this because she is based on France. She believed that our society was as safe as in France, ”he added.

Mr. Sheikh apologized for the comments on Monday.

The French Embassy in Pakistan, contacted by AFP, declined to comment on this affair.

Much of Pakistan, a conservative Muslim country, lives under a patriarchal code that systematizes the oppression of women by preventing them, for example, from choosing their own husbands or working outside their homes.

Each year, around a thousand Pakistani women accused of bringing shame on their families are murdered by a relative in so-called honor killings.


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