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Palacio de Hierro responds to Carmen Salinas. I was looking for a shoe in networks

Carmen Salinas
image: twitter
  • Carmen Salinas is an influencer that in networks has more than 400 thousand followers in social networks.

  • Consumers converted into influencers are a subject that can not be omitted by brands, because of the opportunity offered by collaborating with them.

  • The allegations of poor service or bad shopping experience in social networks has made these platforms the best companion for the consumer.

The complaints of consumers through social networks have increased due to the ease that these networks offer.

A brand that is not aware of these publications is at risk of a brand crisis or of wasting a positive and unexpected social media marketing campaign.

The Palacio de Hierro just verified it now that a publication on Twitter accused a bad shopping experience in the store.

It's about the actress Carmen Salinas who denounced to his more than 400 thousand followers on Twitter, a bad shopping experience in the chain of stores.

According to the actress, she acquired a pair of left shoes that prevented her from recording a scene in the telenovela in which she is currently participating.

After four hours of his complaint, El Palacio responded that he contacted her personally, however, this period of time in networks is a culture of publications.

Cases with positive end

Also in networks we have seen cases that have become powerful social media marketing campaigns.

This happened with Carter Wilkerson that after asking Wendy's how many retweets he needed to get free chicken nuggets for life, an overly successful social campaign was activated.

The result was viral both for Wendy's and for the young man who obtained the sponsorship of the restaurant chain, built a personal brand and media recognition.

The consumer influencer

Nowadays, consumers generate content that impacts on social networks and if they involve brands, they are opportunities that they should not miss.

Whether it is the complaint of a bad shopping experience or a recognition, brands face more and more every day, to the scrutiny of the consumer.

The consumer has become more demanding thanks to the fact that the networks offer an immediate response to their publications, leaving behind square schemes where brands respond to mode.

Now an answer that is not answered, first becomes a social conversation, then a tendency and if poorly attended, it ends up in a brand crisis.



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