Palzing ends Baldham’s district league era

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Created: 05/29/2022, 9:00 p.m


That can’t be true: Baldham’s asset Timon Becker missed a big chance and got angry. © Rossmann

BEZIRKSLIGA-RELEGATION SCBV misses the chance to stay up and is relegated

Vaterstetten – With the burden of having to catch up from a 2-0 deficit from the first leg, the SC Baldham-Vaterstetten district league footballers played in front of around 350 spectators at their home stadium. The duel with SV Ampertal Palzing was the final act of this season, the relegation relegation and finally 90 minutes later also the long Baldhamer district league era.

Due to the starting position, the home team settled into the Palzing half of the game, as expected, while the guests increasingly focused on counterattacking. SCBV coach Gedi Sugzda played a trump card that caused headaches for the defensively strong guests on several occasions: Baldham’s homegrown Timon Becker scored a goal after only five minutes of the game, but he was denied the assistant referee’s flag for offside. “The 1.95 meter long Schlaks really got going in the front,” said SCBV department head Helmut Lämmermeier happily.

Lämmermeier analyses: too few passing games and exploitation of chances

The red grandstand didn't help the SCBV footballers in the end.
The red grandstand didn’t help the SCBV footballers in the end. The team must be relegated to the district league. © Rossman

Before the relegation, the 19-year-old youngster had only had 37 minutes of district league air, but had already scored 18 goals in reserve. “The Palzinger didn’t count on that!” quipped the Baldham department head, Lämmermeier. In fact, Becker made two more promising shots (12th/21st) before his fourth attempt was successful and he was finally able to head in a cross to make it 1-0. Becker and Baldhamer were later able to thank their goalkeeper Solomon Arewa and his strong reflexes (40′) for going into the half-time break with a more than 1-0 lead. “Hope is alive,” said the department head, grinning.

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However, Lämmermeier’s good mood suddenly darkened with Fabian Radlmaier’s 1-1 equaliser. After all, that wasn’t just an extension off the table. Now it also needed (again) a small Baldhamer miracle and another three goals for the Sugzda-Elf. “But we were no longer precise enough in passing and converting chances,” said Lämmermeier at the end of the game, analyzing the Rothosen’s final minutes in the district league.

Relegation of the SCBV sealed

As a successful penalty taker, Marco Höferth turned the noisy Baldham supporters into full attack again for the last 20 minutes. However, the SCBV did not score enough top-class players for two more goals. The 2-2 final point, also from the penalty spot, was just a footnote in Baldham’s last district league chapter for the time being.

He didn’t really realize the relegation immediately after the final whistle, said Lämmermeier. “But I’ve been working on it for a few weeks now. In the end, we weren’t relegated today, we were relegated over the course of the season.” After TSV Ebersberg in the previous season, SC Baldham-Vaterstetten, the next district institution from the district league east, is relegated to the district league after a decade. There, hopes for a speedy resurgence rest in particular on busy homegrown talent such as Timon Becker.