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Pamela Prati to Verissimo confesses the truth about Mark Caltagirone: «I had to meet him on his wedding day». Silvia Toffanin's hard reaction

Saturday afternoon a very true theexpected confession of Pamela Prati that how we have anticipated you on Leggo.it He admitted: "Only in these days have I realized that Mark does not exist». A river interview with an urgent one Silvia Toffanin who wants to clarify this soap opera called by all once and for all Pratiful. "I had to meet Mark Caltagirone on my wedding day, now I'm afraid" the showgirl admitted in tears

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In a long interview, aired tomorrow at Verissimo, Pamela Prati finally closes the circle of the story that has held the bench in recent months in newspapers, web and TV and tells: «The last time I came here to Verissimo I was still convinced that it existed, then, alone in the last few days I have seen photos that have sent me, which did not belong to him. In reality they were from another person, an agent (of the show ndr). Now I'm afraid, because I don't know who is behind this situation. I'm very scared».

Very distraught and visibly tested, Pamela Prati tells for the first time how this whole story began: «In March of 2018, in a moment of great fragility, I went to Rome in the restaurant of Pamela and Eliana that I knew by sight. After a couple of evenings in this restaurant Pamela Perricciolo told me that I would be perfect for this Mark Caltagirone, an entrepreneur who had just left his girlfriend. He shows me a picture of a handsome man. Then- goes on – March 21st 2018 Mark starts following me on Instagram. Then I send him a message with the words "Good Spring", he answers me and from there it all starts».

Pressed by the questions of Silvia Toffanin, the Sardinian show girl confides: «After a few months we started exchanging sweet words of love, we flirted. He told me he loved me. No sexy videos, we exchanged some intimate photos. But I never heard his voice because he said that in Syria he didn't take the phone well. Every time I asked to see it there was always some health problem, or work, a drama. However, I didn't think it didn't exist. I miss even now, I miss his messages».

And he goes on like this: «If I have reached the point of wanting to marry him, he thinks how I fell in love with him. It was me served the story I always wanted on a silver plate, at a time when I was very fragile. I needed this love to stay alive. He said that I was the woman of his life and that I would meet him on his wedding day. "

To Toffanin, who asks her if she feels cheated or ended up in a sort of cult, she replies: «I don't know, I'm in a situation that I don't understand. They isolated me from the world. With the excuse that he was very jealous they turned me away from my family, from my friends. I changed my phone number. I went out alone with Pamela and Eliana because they were friends of Mark and otherwise I stayed at home. The phone also checked me. How do you fool someone like that?»And to the question if she was plagiarized she replied:«Doubts don't come to you when you're plagiarized. The fact that the newspapers said I was plagiarized was the thing that irritated her the most, so much so Eliana asked me to say in a video that I wasn't. A very ugly thing and I'm ashamed of this thing».

About who is behind Mark's messages, Pamela says: «I believe there is a perverse thing. In my case I think there is Donna Pamela and Eliana and that perhaps they also agree in this confession of Eliana. It is my guess, because I have seen the good that is wanted».

And precisely on the interview given to ‘Live is not the D'Urso’ by Eliana Michelazzo, Pamela confides: «I don't believe her. How come if you lived the same thing for 10 years before and you're a victim, don't you warn me? Don't you tell me to wake up?».

When all the media hype broke out, Pamela said that the two former agents reassured her: «They told me to go on because my love was stronger than everything and I believed them. The voice that has called Barbara d’Urso, however, I don't know who it is, since Mark's voice I never heard».

The most humiliating thing endured in these months? "Had to lie to my family and fear of being mockedto". And on the child, Sebastian, Pamela declares: «I met him in a bar. Donna Pamela had brought it, saying that it was the son I was going to foster. I never saw the little girl ».

On Donna Pamela, Prati recounts: «I heard it four days ago and he said he loves me. On his illness (learned during the interview from the Dagospia website) I think it's terrible. Humanly sorry if a person is sick, but I don't know if I'm going to the hospital».

Pamela reiterates of don't have economic problems, to have effectively organized the marriage, not to gamble, to have no gambling debts and no truthfulness of the attack with acid: "I was sleeping, I heard noises and I opened the door. Outside there was a bottle with a ticket full of threats. I immediately called the police».

Finally, Prati asks Silvia Toffanin if she believes her now and the host of Verissimo answers: «Pamela, you must take your life back into your hands. I would like to believe you with all my heart, but you told me so many lies, that now you must leave me the benefit of the doubt».

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