Pamela Rendi-Wagner’s Legacy: Courageous Responsibility and Constructive Opposition Politics

After six years in federal politics, Pamela Rendi-Wagner gave her last speech as SPÖ club chairwoman in the National Council and emphasized that it was always her political understanding to seek cooperation and to achieve results despite different points of view.

courage to take responsibility

In November 2018, Pamela Rendi-Wagner became the first woman to become SPÖ federal party leader and SPÖ club leader. Pamela Rendi-Wagner took on this responsibility with a great sense of responsibility and commitment and never gave up this responsibility when things got difficult. And the last few years have been anything but easy and have brought many challenges – from the unspeakable Ibiza affair to the corona pandemic to the inflation crisis. Cooperation is therefore all the more important, as Rendi-Wagner emphasized in parliament, where she made a plea for government and opposition to work together to solve major challenges such as the energy transition and the fight against inflation. “In order to achieve a joint result, you need willingness, respect, honesty, consistency and the courage to take responsibility for the people and our country.”

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Determined fight against inflation

Rendi-Wagner consistently followed the path of constructive opposition work. The SPÖ, with Pamela Rendi-Wagner at the helm, warned of the impending inflation crisis as early as autumn 2021 and has since put effective proposals on the table – such as rent control and the elimination of VAT on basic foods – to make life affordable again . However, Rendi-Wagner also made it clear that “a constructive opposition policy requires a constructive government policy”.

Among other things, Rendi-Wagner has answers to major questions about the future in her Keynote speech entitled “One Country. A shared future.” – where for the first time all former SPÖ Chancellors were gathered as guests – and at Thematic Council on “Energy Transition and Industrial Policy” given. The good work done by the SPÖ, with Rendi-Wagner at the helm, has also had an impact on people’s trust: throughout the past year, the SPÖ has consistently ranked first in nationwide surveys, often even exceeding 30 percent.

Thanks to SPÖ members

In her personal statement the day after the results of the SPÖ member survey were announced, Rendi-Wagner thanked all SPÖ members who took part in the survey and especially those “who told me during the survey and in the time before that have given confidence”. The common goal must be that this country gets a social-democratic federal government again. “This requires the trust of the population, the basic requirement for this is the unity and unity of our movement,” said Rendi-Wagner on May 23.

Farewell to Parliament at the end of June

At the end of the month, Rendi-Wagner will leave Parliament and “say goodbye to this great and wonderful task”.

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