The Comprehensive Medical Care Program (PAMI) launched today in Bahía Blanca a Temporary Isolation Unit (UAT) aimed at the care of patients with varying degrees of dependence with mild symptoms of COVID-19.

This is the fourth unit of this type that PAMI has launched throughout the country.

The UAT, with a capacity to house 20 patients with mild symptoms, will contribute to decompressing the rising demand for healthcare on the public and private healthcare system.

It will operate in the building located in Cuyo and Rosario in the city of Bahía Blanca, and will provide complete health care.

This UAT will work in coordination with the hospitals of the city and the region and the ambulance services, and together the admission and referral criteria will be evaluated.

To comply with all current regulations, “PAMI made the necessary investment in infrastructure and hiring health personnel so that the care unit respects the authorizations and health protocols established by the Ministry of Health of the Nation.”

According to the released statement, this health policy by the social work is added to others that are being implemented from the current epidemiological context, specifically planned based on regional needs.

Characteristics of the UAT Bahía Blanca

Comprehensive socio-sanitary services aimed at providing accommodation and care for isolation to isolated elderly people, have sanitary equipment, supplies, biosafety materials and necessary PPE, as well as the human resources necessary for their operation.

The UAT has a team made up of a coordinating doctor, 24-hour nursing staff, 24-hour care staff, a graduate in Social Work, support staff for maintenance tasks and general services, cleaning staff on duty, staff for food service, security personnel and emergency transfer team by referral.


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