Panda Nababan Sacrifices Anies Wandering, Elite Nasdem: Offside!

Monday, 21 November 2022 – 06:34 WIB

VIVA Politics – The statement by senior PDI Perjuangan (PDIP) Panda Nababan who insinuated that Anies Baswedan was just about to become a presidential candidate, but the Nasdem elite already responded. Panda’s speech is graded offside.

Nasdem DPP chairman Effendy Choirie or Gus Choi said that his party had never claimed Anies as a cadre. He emphasized that Nasdem only considers Anies as one of the nation’s best sons who deserves to be supported as a presidential candidate.

“He is one of the sons of the nation that we proposed to be a candidate. Not a cadre either. Later, if you want to be a cadre. But, we also don’t invite him to become a cadre,” said Gus Choi in The Two Sides of tvOnewhich is quoted VIVA on Monday, November 21, 2022.

Also, he was surprised by the term Panda used to roam. According to him, the term hanging around to highlight Anies to the area is not quite right.

He insinuated that as a senior Panda should use language that is in accordance with the noble values ​​of the nation, such as hospitality.

“Terms get around, I think too offside! From the noble values ​​of our nation. According to Javanese, anjang there or Indonesian, the noble value is that silaturahim is popular, even though it is a term from Islam,” explained Gus Choi.

Panda Nababan senior politician.

Panda Nababan senior politician.