Pandora Papers, the Lebanese premier also involved. Tony Blair, King Abdallah and Czech Prime Minister Babis against the investigation

While the people directly concerned they deny the accusations and international governments promise thorough investigations, other illustrious names appear in the renamed investigation Pandora Papers on offshore treasures of hundreds of politicians and VIPs. Together with the names of Tony Blair, from re Abdallah from Jordan, by the Czech premier Andrej Babiš and dozens of other famous figures from politics, business and entertainment, including those of the new Lebanese prime minister Najib Miqati, of its predecessor Hassan Diab, the governor of the Central Bank, Riad Salame, the former minister and president of one of the most influential Lebanese banks, Marwan Kheireddine.

These and other Lebanese personalities are at the center of the political and financial dynamics of the country and the Middle Eastern area in recent decades and are strongly contested at home and abroad with accusations of corruption e tax offenses. According to the investigation, Miqati, Diab, Salame and Khaireddine have all, at different levels, resorted to tax havens to hide their fortunes accumulated over the years. Daraj, the Consortium’s Lebanese media partner, reports that Lebanon, with 346 financial entities, tops the list of countries to which offshore companies created with the company belong Trident Trust, from which about three million documents have leaked.

In addition, the names of foreign companies that have ended up at the center of the Spanish tax authorities’ investigations also appear Carlo Ancelotti. The coach of the Real Madrid did not answer the questions sent byEspresso, gives The country and by the Icij consortium. Still in the football field, the Spanish newspaper also mentions the name of Pep Guardiola. The coach had opened an account in principality of Andorra without reporting it to the Spanish tax authorities, which was then regularized in 2012 thanks to a tax amnesty decided by the then prime minister Mariano Rajoy.

Meanwhile, however, the personalities involved reject the accusations. Among the first to do so is the premier of Prague, the billionaire Andrej Babis, which he claimed not to have done “nothing illegal” and that it is only an attempt to discredit him in view of the elections of 8 and 9 October. “I’ve never done anything illegal or wrong, but that doesn’t stop them from trying to denigrate me again and again influence the elections Czech parliamentarians, ”he wrote on Twitter. According to what emerged, Babis did not declare an offshore investment company, founded in British Virgin Islands in 2009, used to buy two luxurious villas for 15 million euros in the south of France and also to lend money to other fictitious companies owned by him in the United States and Monaco.

Even from the channels of the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair the purchase of a building that houses offices is denied a London: “The Guardian continues to deliberately distort the purchase of the headquarters of the offices of Cherie Blair. They have always paid all taxes in full and have never used offshore evasion schemes of any kind “, reads a tweet from the Tony Blair Institute. According to revelations published by the newspaper, the former Labor premier and his wife saved thousands of pounds in taxes by buying the property in London through an offshore company, partly owned by a major minister of the Bahrain. According to reports, the Blairs bought a building worth in 2017 6.5 million pounds acquiring a company in the British Virgin Islands, controlled by the family of Zayed bin Rashid Alzayani, current minister for industry, trade and tourism of the Gulf country.

But the Blair case isn’t the only case involving the Great Britain. The investigation showed that Mohammed Amersi, donor of Boris Johnson’s campaign, was involved in one of the biggest corruption scandals in Europe. “I saw the news today – said the premier – But all I can say about it is that all these donations are normally controlled in line with the rules established by a Labor government. So we always examine them ”.

Another heavy name among those that emerged from the joint investigation is that of King Abdallah of Jordan. The Royal House has rejected the accusations of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) calling them “inaccurate, distorted and exaggerating the facts. It is no secret that His Majesty Abdallah II owns a number of apartments and residences in the US and Great Britain. This is neither unusual nor improper, ”reads a note. “They have not been advertised for security and privacy reasons. It was not out of secrecy or to try to hide things, as claimed in that information “, he adds in reference to the reports that have attributed to King Abdallah the ownership of 14 homes in the US and Great Britain for a value of over 100 million dollars.

Also by the president of Ecuador, Guillermo Lasso, came the denial: “I comply with the provisions of the law, all my income has been declared and I have paid the corresponding taxes in Ecuador. Always with transparency and openness to the Ecuadorian people, ”he wrote on Twitter. As did the Cypriot president Nikos Anastasiadis who denied any involvement in the Pandora Papers allegations citing the law firm he founded. According to the indictment, the study would hide the assets of a former Russian senator, Leonid Lebedev. “I’m not aware of it and I think it’s impossible,” said Anastasiadis.

The White House, meanwhile, promises war on tax evasion by the super-rich and has made it known that “the agenda Build Back Better of the president Joe Biden it will crack down on unfair tax regimes. It is time to deal with hardworking Americans and to ensure that the super-rich pay their fair share“In taxes, reads a tweet. Biden’s agenda will offer “the middle class a tax cut and ensure lower costs for childcare, health care and more for working families.” But to attack Washington the spokesman of the Kremlin takes care of it, Dmitry Peskov, according to which “the only thing that really catches attention is the demonstration of which state is the largest fiscal and offshore chasm in the world. And, of course, they are the United States“.