Panida’s Mother Says Gatick Planned Tangmo Nida’s Death Carefully on Speedboat

GORONTALO TERRACE — A shocking statement came from Tangmo Nida’s mother, Panida about the death of the child.

Panida, Tangmo Nida’s mother, said that Gatick had carefully planned her daughter’s death.

This was supported by the post of a mysterious person using a Facebook account belonging to Tangmo Nida.

In the Tangmo Nida Facebook post, a mysterious person gave a message that led to Gatick, regarding the cause of the artist’s death.

Reported by Teras Gorontalo from Komchadluek, Panida, believes that Tangmo Nida had a big fight with Gatick before boarding the speedboat.

On every occasion, Panida often spoke candidly about the feud between Tangmo Nida and Gatick.

In addition, Panida, often spoke with some of Tangmo Nida’s close friends, when her son had a fight with Gatick, about a water bottle.

“Gatick felt that his job was gone, and my child’s manager was replaced by Anna. It was the aftermath of a water bottle dispute and Gatick decided to part with Tangmo Nida,” said Panida.

According to Panida, the next day, Gatick invited Tangmo Nida to get on the speedboat.