Pankrátor in Sztár in I will become a star!

A professional pankrator also took the stage In Star I will be a star! on his 2nd selector. Solymosi Benji already missed music in his life, so he signed up for the show, but he didn’t expect that Gabi Toth hits him, and even before his production.

Benji, the pankrátor, came to the show with a singing production, but was beaten by Gabi Tóth (Photo: Sajtózoba)

“I’ve been training to be a musician for a very long time, but now I think it’s time for me to show that there’s more to me than just being a punk” – revealed the 25-year-old competitor, who as soon as he told the jury what he does, Gabi Tóth’s eyes immediately lit up.

“Can I go over there and pretend I’m going to hit you and you’re going to take it down?” asked Benjit, who then went out on stage and elbowed the competitor. At this, Benji laid out theatrically.

However, Gabi Tóth got a bloody eye: “Can I hit you with another one somewhere?”, and the competitor suggested that this time he should hit him in the chest with full force. The singer didn’t have to say this twice: on the third attempt, she was able to deliver a stronger blow to the pancrator, who staggered a little.

“It was an experience to see up close that you can fall” Gabi Tóth told him.

By the way, Benji performed LMFAO’s hit (Party Rock Anthem), and during his performance he even stripped on stage:

Gabi Tóth did not hide her enthusiasm.