News Pantsless prowler tries to crawl through the doggy door...

Pantsless prowler tries to crawl through the doggy door of the home, says California couple


When a stranger woke into his backyard, a woman dialed from Northern California 911, says Fairfield police. Then got strange things.

“He dropped his drawer and called her and she wanted to get her outside,” said husband Fred Farrell, 83, who reported KTXL. When this was not working, the intruder attempted to enter the house through a chewing door.

The police arrived in less than two minutes, but the unwanted proxy tried to escape by jumping fences into other rear yards, KOVR reported.

Officials went up to a few housemen away and captured him. The incident occurred at 6 p.m. on January 8, the Republic of Daily reported.

Leroy Vance, 48, of Fairfield reported charges including parole violation, methamphetamine hold, criminal trespass and resist arrest, the police reported.

Vance, a sex offender registered on parole from drug sales conviction, had monitored his court ankle, the police say.

“I thank the big man who had no children around him,” said Farrell, and KTXL reported. He said his wife was “very shaking” over the incident.

The police warned residents to pay attention to their surroundings, and they recommended to the 911 woman to call promptly and provide detailed information for an immediate response from the police.

“It is clear that officers cannot always be everywhere, but working together we were able to resolve the incident and catch the offender quickly,” the police said.



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