Paolo Fox weekly horoscope October 11-17, 2021 / Top signs ranking: twins …

Paolo Fox horoscope: the weekly ranking from 11 to 17 October 2021

Today, Sunday 10 October, the weekly appointment with thePaolo Fox horoscope that, on the weekly More TV reveals the zodiac predictions for week from 11 to 17 October. The most famous astrologer of Italian television reveals the signs that they will face seven serene and peaceful days and that will also be able to dive into new adventures. According to Paolo Fox, the new week will be decidedly peaceful for those born under the sign of toro who, in love, will finally experience beautiful emotions. After a subdued period, it is time to smile and trust in new encounters. At work there are various expenses to be faced, but within the next three months there will be the possibility of laying the foundations for carrying out new projects.

According to the Paul Fox horoscope week between ups and downs for the Twins which, however, will receive good news from the new week. In love, the situation is still a bit ambiguous, but everything will settle down very soon. At work, however, the time has come to take revenge. After next Tuesday, which will be a bit controversial, the week will continue with more relaxation for those born under the sign of cancer than trying to clarify your love life. At work, after a difficult period, the time has come to take revenge.

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Positive week for libra, sagittarius and aquarius

According to the Paolo Fox horoscope forecasts, the week from 11 to 17 October will be peaceful for those born under the sign of weight scale for which the time has come to enjoy so many emotions in love saying goodbye to shyness. At work, favor those who work in contact with the public.

Good news for in love for those born under the sign of sagittario who can experience beautiful emotions even with a simple flirt. At work, after having been set aside for a while, the moment of recovery has come. Top week, finally, also for theaquarium who will live beautiful moments in love even in the presence of occasional relationships. Positive period also at work where you will have great energy.