Paolo Guerrero Jefferson Farfán and Roberto Guisazola build a children’s shelter for low-income children | Lima Alliance | Video

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Paolo Guerrero, Jefferson Farfán and Roberto Guisazola have been friends since they were very young when they were part of the minor divisions of Alianza Lima. They are united by the blue and white heart, but also by the noble gesture of helping others.

The players built the children’s shelter “The house Alejita“Where prodigious children with the ball live, but with limited economic resources. This was announced by the popular ‘Cucurucho’ in an interview for En boca de todos.

“They go to the San Miguel Arcangel school, then they come to the Alejita house, they rest, have lunch and train on the days they must train,” he said. He also mentioned that the little ones also receive music and theater classes.

The hostel is a five-story building and is located in Puente Piedra. In addition, for now, classes are being taught online due to the coronavirus pandemic that affects our country.

Guizasola mentioned that Farfán and Guerrero have a great commitment. He mentioned that the forwards maintain constant communication with the little ones. “Enter the virtual classes and doing this fills us with satisfaction,” he added.

As seen in the video, the ‘Predator’ and the ‘Foquita’ greeted the children. The ‘Cucurucho’ confessed that the hostel is called “La casa Alejita” in honor of his mother.



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