Paradise, Celebrity | Receives massive response after the “Paradise” participation: Hailed by the FRI leader

This summer, the new “Paradise” will be on the TV screen, where the stage is set for a season of disputes and drama just as we know it. After the predecessor “Paradise Hotel” had to make major changes after several scandals around the program both in this country and in our neighboring country Sweden, the production company had to take action.

In a completely new format, many have noticed that the cast of the new concept gives a slightly different impression than it has done in the last 15 years.

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With several participants with different orientations, a trans woman, and new rules that allow participants to be in a pair with one of the same sex, there is no doubt that the new concept has gone for a wide variety of personalities and people when they kicked in time first season «Paradise» earlier this year.

Positive that productions dare to show diversity

But “Paradise” is not the only program on the TV screen that has made a change lately when it comes to diversity.

In recent years, it has apparently been a sport to make new versions of both TV series and movies. It started with the teenage witch “Sabrina” in 2018, but also “Sex & Single Life” and “Gossip Girl” have released new versions in recent years in an attempt to remain relevant by, among other things, having a greater focus on diversity in their cast. .

A lot has happened since these first came out for the first time. One has seen a feminist movement that has largely taken place on social media, the #metoo showdown with sexism, “Black Lives Matter” demonstrations and a much greater focus on diversity and inclusion in the entertainment industry. And “Paradise” is no exception.

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– “Paradise” will reflect the time we live in now – both in terms of participants, twists, themes and so on. Our goal is to have as broad a composition of participants as possible to increase recognition among our viewers. We constantly want to develop our formats and are now making significant changes to “Paradise” to ensure that the format is still relevant and fun to follow, said Kenneth Kristensen in Nent, which produces “Paradise”, earlier this year.

Leader of the Association for Gender and Sexuality Diversity, Inge Alexander Gjestvang, tells Nettavisen that he thinks it is great that “Paradise” has gone for a diverse startcast in the premiere season.

– It is positive to see a real breadth in which people are visible in the media, there is an enormous diversity of people and it should only be missing that this diversity is reflected in the media, popular culture and the public.

We humans are herd animals and can easily apply to others who are similar to ourselves, and gaining access to other lived lives and perspectives helps to expand horizons and make us better able to meet people who are not immediately similar to ourselves . I think we all benefit from that.

Gjestvang says that throughout the ages, diversity has probably been represented in the media and on television, but it may not have been explicitly talked about as it is now. He thinks it’s nice to see productions show the real diversity.

– People have not been open about who they are, often because it has not been relevant to the job they are set to do, while we know that some have been advised not to be so open to avoid being “chosen out” »From jobs.

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– I therefore think it is very positive to see productions that dare to show the real diversity that exists, it helps to ensure that even more viewers can mirror their lives and experiences in what they see on screen, and perhaps especially for children and young people this is very important.

Inspires others to stand out

Several of the first season’s participants have on social media often shared messages they receive from acquaintances and strangers who write that they have dared to come out of the closet or admit that they really feel like someone else after seeing them on the TV screen. .

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Among other things, Kimberly Dahle from “Paradise” could tell Nettavisen that she had received several messages from people who had chosen to tell those around them that they were queer, after seeing her appear in the media.

Eléah Sophie Winther (23) has also shared messages on social media where the main impression is that many people think it’s great to see a trans woman on the TV screen. She tells Nettavisen that it has been both nice and overwhelming that so many have chosen to send her a message.

– It is very nice that people send me a message. It’s just nice that people have seen me on TV and then choose to stand up to family and friends, she says.

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Furthermore, Winther says that she thinks it is important that there is a greater diversity on TV and that it will help many who are in the same situation as she herself was in before she appeared.

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– You have many questions and it can be easier to get answers if you see someone as yourself.

Although Winther says that many messages from several different people come into the inbox, she is just happy that she has become someone people want to open up to.

– It is strange that they have seen me on TV and been inspired to stand up. But it is very nice, and I am glad so many have been inspired and sent message.

Gjestvang in FRI thought it was positive that the new “Paradise” participants could inspire others to be open.

– It is always positive with role models and someone who leads and is visible, it is very nice to hear about viewers who make contact and say that they now dare to open up more about who they are. We need all kinds of bodies, genders, sexualities and personalities to show that the world is more diverse than we are often aware of.

Gjestvang did not think that it was specifically “Paradise” participants who lead the way and become role models for young people.

– Skeive come in all kinds of shapes and forms, and are as diverse as everyone else – and even if some come in a position where they can be said to be role models, we must remember that they primarily represent themselves in such contexts, and not acts on behalf of entire groups. Would one think so about heterosexuals or cispers? he asks.